Dear Friends:

Northfield Neighbors endorses these two candidates in the Primary:

Treasurer – Lenore Zelenock – Republican
Supervisor – Ken Dignan – Republican

We are urging our Democratic friends to vote for both Mr. Dignan and Treasurer Zelenock in the Primary for two important reasons. (Remember, you can’t split your ticket.)

1 - All the Democratic candidates in the township are running un-opposed in the primary. They will automatically advance to the November ballot.

2 – Mr. Dignan and Treasurer Zelenock are running against other Republican candidates who have joined with Trustee Tawn Beliger, an extremist who is unfit for office.

You can view Ms. Beliger’s slate at their website:

Both Mr. Dignan and Treasurer Zelenock are friends to Northfield Neighbors. They support the goals of protecting our quality of life and defending the Township Master Plan, which is the vision of our residents.

Ms. Zelenock has done an excellent job as Treasurer these last four years and we’re delighted she has decided to run for re-election. She is open-minded; her decisions are fact-based, and she reaches out to residents.

We are embarrassed to say Northfield Neighbors endorsed Ms. Beliger in 2016. Our endorsement was based on her promise that she would support farmland preservation. It was a lie and as Trustee, she has betrayed us repeatedly.

Ms. Beliger twice tried to dissolve the newly formed Land Preservation Committee, and has voted against all funding for land preservation. She gives only lip service to preservation, saying it should be support only through private donations. LOL.

Worse still, Ms. Beliger’s lack of ethics is on full display this campaign season. She is promising to “end the corruption” in our township. What corruption? When asked, she refuses to answer. This “bearing false witness” against our community, without providing any evidence, is ugly politics and damaging to our image.

Many civic-minded people work every day to enhance the image of Northfield Township, but Ms. Beliger is willing to diminish their work and tarnish our reputation to get elected.

Her anti-tax stance is so radical that she has repeatedly voted against accepting grant money from the county, state or federal government. Where is the common sense?

She claims to be the defender of “precious tax dollars” and to be an opponent of large government, but she cast the pivotal vote to hire a $100,000/year township manager (expanding our bureaucracy) and then moved to renew his contract - without even a performance review. We find that irresponsible and outrageous.

Ms. Beliger is not someone we want as Supervisor, or serving in any capacity. She should be sent packing along with anyone that has decided to run with her.

Thank you.

Northfield Neighbors