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00:00 Start of recording

00:10 Introduction: Marta Larson

03:00 The Candidates introduce themselves

16:00 Question (1)

Explain the role of the Board position you are running for, including how it differs from the other Board positions and how it differs from Staff.

29:10 Question (2)

What is your plan to attract new businesses to our community and what steps are you planning to take to achieve that?

48:20 Question (3)

How are you going to promote a culture of collaboration, decision making and action on the Board?

01:04:52 Question (4)

Do you see health inequity and or poverty occuring in Northfield Township? If so what do you believe should be the role of the Township Board in addressing this?

01:23:20 Question (5)

How do you intend to bring together the agricultural and main street communities given that they both have valid concerns about how things are handled but a seeming disconnect on the best way to go about that that it's fair to both parts of the community?

01:42:56 Question (6)

What would you like to leave as your legacy or an impactful mark on the community if you get elected?

01:53:02 Candidate's Outro (Closing Statements)

02:03:25 Marta Larson's concluding statement