2021/10/27   Michigan redistricting commission to weigh input from Black voters, by Clara Hendrickson, The Detroit Free Press


2021/10/20   Redistricting commission told its draft maps violate federal Voting Rights Act, The Detroit Free Press [Photographs]


2021/10/15   Those new congressional maps? Here's how they scramble Michigan's political order, by Todd Spangler, The Detroit Free Press

The four new congressional maps put out by the commission,  which will be taken to public hearings beginning Wednesday at TCF Center in Detroit, represent a political shake-up of significant proportions, considering that they put the homes of no fewer than eight of the current 14 Michiganders in the U.S. House in districts with at least one of their colleagues.


2021/10/12   Michigan's draft redistricting maps approved, will be taken to the public next, by Clara Hendrickson and Todd Spangler, Detroit Free Press

Michigan's independent redistricting commission voted Monday to take 10 newly drawn political maps to the public in a series of hearings starting next week, believing they represent the best possible balance between equal representation, community interests, civil rights and partisan fairness.


2021/09/17   Facing tight timeline, voter-led Michigan redistricting commission on steep learning curve, by Clara Hendrickson, The Detroit Free Press

The 161 districts they'll draw — 110 Michigan House, 38 Michigan Senate and 13 U.S. House of Representatives seats — will help determine how voters in the state are represented in Lansing and Washington, D.C. for the next decade.


2021/09/07   Preserving county lines isn't top priority for Michigan's redistricting commission, by Clara Hendrickson, The Detroit Free Press