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Earhart Road residents showed up in force to object to Fete Farms' plans for Agricultural Tourism.

Tetra-Tech's Brian Rubel presented the Sewer System Capacity Report.  He briefed the board on financing options and again suggested higher fees.  On Livestream his report began at about 1hr 05min 41sec from the start.  The discussion continues for one hour and ten minutes, ending at 2hr 15min 10sec

Commissioner Stanalazjo opined that sump pump users were a huge problem.  His opinionating began at about 1hr 30min 45sec from the start.  Gotta feel for the residents of Horseshoe Lake after his Sump Pump Stormtroopers are done forcing everyone to disconnect those evil sump pumps from the sewers.  When you find yourself pumping your basements into each other's yards, remember, you're doing it so some out of town developer can make millions. 

 Manager Fink explained SADs vs pipe vs cost of conveyance, tap fees, revisited the optics of "policy" beginning at 01hr 47min 00sec