Wednesday, May 6th, 2015:  Planning Commission

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The highlight of the May 6th P.C. was the revelation, at the very end of the meeting, that Township Manager Howard Fink has again met with Biltmore's David Stollman.  Howard didn't bring it up.  He hasn't bragged about it in his Manager's reports.  We only know about this thanks to the honesty of P.C. Chairperson Chockley.  At the Meeting with Stollman and Fink were PC Chair Marlene Chockley, Township Supervisor Marilyn Engstrom, Township Planner Doug Lewan, and Biltmore's civil engineer.

The low point of the May 6th P.C. meeting was the tentative observation that the sole bidder on the upcoming community survey was a selfless charity.  Why?  Because the company, Cobalt Community Research, is structured as a tax-exempt 501(c) non-profit.

Right.  Here's another famous 501(c) non-profit: the NFL.  The NFL paid its top executive $44,000,000.00 in 2012.

The Cobalt Community Research proposal is in the meeting packet.  The survey itself is being done by Douglas Communications, which is not a charity.  Front and center on the Douglas Communications website is its boast of its ability to "Overcome community opposition."


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