A strong showing of 18 Neighbors made a success of the Green Infrastructure Workshop hosted May 20th by the Planning Commission and graciously mentored by the Huron Valley Watershed Council (HVWC).
Seven Northfield Township neighbors spoke at the Call to the Public, before the beginning of the workshop.
It can be very hard to stand in front of that microphone and the public and what seems like everything and everyone in the world that matters to you.  So in honor of each speaker's courage (and to make it easy for you to hear them) we've turned each of their comments into a Youtube video.  These Youtube moments are collected here, in order of appearance.  All were thoughtful and heartfelt.

Thanks again to all those who attended.

Lenore Zelenock: Information Matters


Craig Warburton: Our Master Plan is insanely great!


David Perry: A Township Citizenry Caught Napping

This was a stirring speech by one of seven Northfield Neighbors who addressed the May 20, 2015 Planning Commission Meeting. David said that, like everybody else attending the meeting, he would rather be at home or out in the sunshine.  Instead, we've been dragged into yet another fight over the Master Plan and our community's future.

(note:  and three of the people who are dragging us into this muddle didn't even bother to show up at the meeting.)


Sally Louis: Thoughtful words from a 43 year resident of Northfield Township, a Neighbor for Responsible Growth.

 Joanne Martella-Pierson: Where are all the Planning Commissioners?

Joanne was the first to note the absence of Planning Commissioners Iaquinto, Stanalajzco, and Dignan at this important discussion.

She's too polite to say what everyone was thinking, far more polite than I.  If even one of the other planning commissioners had missed this meeting, the P.C. meeting would have been canceled due to the lack of a quorum.  The Huron River Watershed Council's presentation would not have happened.  The time and evening of all in attendance would have been wasted.  Was it a boycott, malevolence, or the most fantastic of coincidences?


Laurie Nelson-Daniels Fled Suburban Crime and Congestion:


Jennifer Delisle's heartfelt rationality

Delisle is the final speaker and makes several points.  Tonight the Planning Commission has heard from people living at addresses all over the Township.  This disproves the oft repeated allegation that only a few people in the Southwest corner of the township care about the threat of Suburban Sprawl in the Southwest corner of the township.  She contrasts the large number and geographic distribution of Northfield Neighbors with the small number of pro Sprawl Schemers.  She asks who is the real "small special interest group."