The meeting began in the usual way. 

Six Township residents spoke at the Call to the Public. 

Jackie Otto brought forward two motions.  The first was to approve renewing the Township Police Department's six year agreement with the DEA.  That passed, with Dockett dissenting.  The second was a motion to hire a salvage vehicle inspector.  Dockett objected to the structure of this agreement, which according to him gave the inspector 80% of the profits while Township taxpayers covered his overhead.  Supervisor Engstrom told Wayne he could decide whether to postpone voting on the issue for two weeks.  Otto refused to take the motion off the table.  Before the Motion could be voted on, Dockett walked out of the meeting.  With only three Board members remaining, insufficient for a quorum, the meeting was forced into adjournment.

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Here's the LiveAgenda.  The meeting lasted only 32 minutes.

The meeting ended before the following could be discussed:

  • expansion of the Wastewater treatment plant,
  • the September 16th bidding for construction of the Whitmore Lake Road S.A.D.


Tuesday, September 8th: Township Board