Meeting Notes:

Tetra-Tech reports that they've lowered the cost of the Whitmore Lake Road sewer extension by rerouting part of the drains.  The Bond is now for around $800,000.  Hardship exemptions, which defer payments of individual property assessments until the property is sold, were discussed.  No action was taken on that.  The public hearing lasted 43 minutes.  Tetra-Tech's explanation lasted 13 minutes.  Here's the LiveAgenda.

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Meeting Preview:

Tonight's meeting will begin with the Public Hearing for the Whitmore Lake Road Special Assessment District for sanitary sewers which will tie into Northfield Township's Wastewater Treatment system.   About $900,000 was the last price I heard mentioned at meetings but that price isn't final. 

You'll notice that there are no Closed Door Agendas for meetings about Real Estate purchases.

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November 10: Public Hearing: Whitmore Lake Road S.A.D. for Sanitary Sewer Systems

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