2-23-2016 Northfield Township Board of Trustees Workshop LiveAgenda

Preview of Agenda Topics:

  1. Fink's bid to have Northfield Township pay $4,000/year for decorative lighting on the "Gateway to Washtenaw County" 8-mile road bridge.  If it's the "Gateway to Washtenaw County," why isn't Washtenaw County paying for it?  By the same token, why isn't Livingston County paying for it?  Gateways go both ways.  It's idiotic that the Manager of the most overtaxed township in any direction is asking us to pay for this.  $4,000 per year?
  2. ZBA Appointment
  3. The question of using the DDA to request "redevelopment liquor licenses" under authority of Section 521a(1)(b) of Public Act 501 of 2006.  Fink gave the last available liquor license to a golf course. 
  4. Parks & Rec wants a budget
  5. Sewer Ordinances for the Whitmore Lake SAD.  This is about how long subjects of the SAD, even those with brand new septic systems, will be allowed to wait before being forced to connect.