In a last minute change of opinion, Township Planner Vidya Krishnan recommended approval of the rural resident's request to attach a garage to their 1930s era home.  Location of a well head and topography.  ZBA member Doug Delfavero cited the increased safety of an attached over a detached garage structure as important.   Krishnan's report mentions this in passing.

A look at the plans shows that the view from the addition, a great room/kitchen, is much improved when not bounded by a garage attached to its western side.

Marlene Chockley asked the planner to investigate the wide difference in setback requirements.  30 feet in some zoning districts.  50 feet in others.   The Huron River Watershed Council recommends reducing setbacks as a way of reducing driveway lengths.  This has the effect of reducing impervious surfaces and runoff.  It also potentially reduces property taxes.  In cases where the assessor chooses, we are charged by the foot for driveways. 

The assessor who was run out of town a couple of years ago was counting individual landscape plantings and fruit trees, at least in the rural area.  Gotta love it.  We're charged for providing oxygen.