The Board met to discuss hiring an Office Employee through a staffing agency.  The Agency will charge 165% of the Hourly wage.

As always, Trustee Wayne Dockett led off by asking uncomfortable questions:

'It seems like we are having a lot of employees quitting or getting fired.  Do we have a hostile work environment here at the Township offices or what's the problem?  Does anybody know?'

Treasurer Kathy Braun responded:

'Well I will say that Pam quit for personal reasons .  There was no hostile environment.  If you want to talk to me one on one about performance issues or the personal issues I don't feel it's appropriate to discuss it in the public, um, because of HIPAA rules and all kinds of other things, I just wouldn't discuss it, but there was no hostile environment at all.  I mean, if anything it was the opposite, bending over backwards to accomodate, so.'

What is HIPAA?   Good luck trying to figure out how that explains any of Treasurer Braun's non-explanation.  The meeting was only 18 minutes long.  Watch it with the 9-7-2016 Northfield Township Board of Trustees special meeting LiveAgenda.

6:15 PM Northfield Township Board of Trustees:

At 7:00 pm the Planning Commission met to review Enterprise Services District (ES) and General Commercial (GC) zoning regulations.  Brighton Realtor Dominic DiCicco addressed several issues regarding the zoning requirements.  He thanked the PC for their work in easing the path for Businesses.  DiCicco represents the owners of the former LightCrete building at 8177 Main Street in Whitmore Lake.  The property, listed at $525,000, has been on the market since February 2014.

Under new business, there was a discussion about initiating an Open Space Preservation committee.   Chairman Dignan emphasized the need for public participation.  I emphasize the need to watch the 34 minute discussion.  Use our LiveAgenda; it enables you to jump directly to various points in the meeting and watch only what you want to watch.  (The 9-7-2016 Northfield Township Planning Commission meeting LiveAgenda)

WHMI Balloon Poled over Bobs Farm 320h277w


A WHMI reporter attended the Planning Commission session.  After the meeting adjourned, he interviewed Chairman Dignan about the advantages to business of reduced regulation

(I checked the parking lot.  No balloon.  The reporter probably drove away in a car.  The WHMI balloon was photographed landing in my neighbor's field about fifteen years ago.)