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Photo: The Ann Arbor Dog Training Club Barns

Following a Public Hearing the Planning Commission voted to recommend that the Township Board amend the zoning regulations which prevent the Ann Arbor Dog Training Club (AADTC) from locating kennels at its 1575 East North Territorial Road training facility.   Dave Hughes of Dexter builder Vanston-O'Brien represented the AADTC before the Commission.  Among the issues discussed was the variance necessary to allow the continued use of a gravel parking lot.

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A Fenced Dog Exercise Yard South of the two Main Buildings.


Pepper at AADTC Household I class 90pctTo the right is a photo of a successful Ann Arbor Dog Training Club alumnus, Pepper the Wonder-Dog.   Earlier this year she completed both "Puppy Kintergarten" and the 5-12 Month (Puppy) AKC Star programs.   Pepper now attends a daytime AADTC Household I class.

The series of training classes provide socialization, activity, and responsibility training for dogs and their owners.  Training classes also provide perspective.  Between moments of perfect behavior, you will see your dog's peers behaving more or less as yours, bouncing with unconstrained enthusiasm and energy.  Dreams of showing a perfectly behaved, immaculately groomed canine at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show seem so far away.

Pepper earned her Wonder-Dog title by finding my lost clip-on FitBit exercise monitor twice on walking trails around my home.  After losing it a third time, I led our Wonder-Dog to the area where I'd been working before noticing its disappearance, a tangle of grapevines and bird netting surrounded by knee high grass.  Pepper ran to a spot.  I followed her nose.  There, hooked to the bird netting, was my FitBit.  This is my FitBit One

By the way, there is a Northfield Dog Training Club.  But it's on the south side of Ann Arbor.


Meeting Documents:

9-21-2016 Northfield Township Planning Commission LiveAgenda

9-21-2016 Northfield Township Planning Commission meeting Agenda

9-21-2016 Northfield Township Planning Commission meeting Packet

The entire 1 hour, 17 minute, Northfield Township Planning Commission meeting is also available to watch on VideoNorthfield.