Board appoints 3 to Planning Commission and 7 to Farmland Preservation Committee

The board last night appointed three new members to the Planning Commission and seven members to the newly formed Farmland & Natural Areas Preservation Committee.

All 10 people received unanimous support from the Board.

Ms. Cecelia Infante and Ms. Amy Steffens will serve three-year terms, and Mr. John Zarzecki a one-year term on the Planning Commission.  They are replacing Chairman Ken Dignan, Commissioner Marlene Chockley, who resigned to become Township Supervisor, and Commissioner Mark Stanalajczo.

FIXSOURCE: Information about these three new Commissioners and the other four people who applied is available at this link.

FIXSOURCE: You can also watch the applicants speak with the Board at this video link.

The seven people appointed to the Preservation Committee are:

  1. Mr. Jacob Donner
  2. Ms. Julia Henshaw
  3. Mr. Pat Kelly
  4. Mr. Michael O'Shea
  5. Mr. David Perry
  6. Ms. Mary Robinson
  7. Ms. Sue Shink

FIXSOURCE: Here is a link to the people who will work on preservation, as well as the other folks who applied for this committee.


FIXSTORY: Interim Manager