Trustee Wayne Dockett: "I'm not impressed by what we have.  I believe we should start over again without the Attorney.  That's my opinion.  I wanted to say that in closed session but if we're not going to have a closed session I'll say it in open session.  Neither one of these people have the education.  Well, the guy has it but the other one doesn't even have any of the things that we asked for on the resumes but I don't see why we'd spend time figuring out who we're gonna hire... That's my opinion."

With that bombshell, Dockett led the Board into a discussion of whether they could vote immediately.  Zelenock said that the Township labor attorney had advised voting in a posted meeting where the vote was publicly noticed and on the Agenda.  Beliger retorted "Are we certain that we can't vote tonight?"

The ten minute discussion can be watched here.


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