In brief, this meeting treated watchers to mind numbing amounts of cognitive dissonance.

Because the 6:30 PM special/closed door meeting ran so long, the regular Board meeting didn't begin until after 8:00 PM.

There was some overlap of the two meetings.  People who'd been waiting in the lobby for well over an hour mistook the public comment period at the end of the reconvened closed session for the 1st public comment period of the regular meeting.  As soon as they heard the 2nd Call to the Public announced, they jumped.  Four or five people spoke.  I'll post that video later.

The video linked to in the LiveAgenda gives you both sides of many interactions using two camera views where available.  

 The regular meeting ended just after 11:00 pm.  

Chick and Otto listen respectfully june 27 2017 660w366h

If you want a good idea of how the meeting went, listen to the 2nd Call to the Public comments of David Gordon and Jim Nelson which followed the meeting.

Meeting Documents: