Peoples Express vehicles

"The contract signed with People's Express feels like pennies when you take into consideration all they do," said Green Oak Township Supervisor Mark St. Charles.  "It really shines when it comes to helping people who are on their own and don’t have a relative or friend to get them to work or a medical appointment."  (from a 2016 interview by WHMI)


[Opinion by Jim Nelson: What a contrast that is to Trustee Beliger's carping about the small $6000 property tax break given People's Express.  She complained not once but three times on the eve of the Board's 5:2 vote in favor of granting People's Express its Pauper's Pence of a subsidy.

Beliger's second complaintBeliger's third complaint.

This uncomfortable glimpse into the cold hearts of our local Tax Hating Tea Party was illuminated by the $14,000 LED lighting fixtures installed by former Township Mis-Manager Howard Fink, in the Board's $60,000 Boardroom, and under the gaze of Fink's $100,000 replacement, Steven Aynes.   The need for Manager Aynes was a profligacy championed loudly by both Tea Party Trustees Beliger and Dockett.   In the Bizarro world of the Northfield Township Tea Party, apparently, more government bureaucracy and the higher spending necessary to fund it is a good thing.   Hypocrites!

The People's Express subsidy was also the favorite political football of the previous Board.

End of opinion.]

What else happened at this meeting?


In answer to Trustee Dockett's question, Township Treasurer Zelenock revealed that the Fund Balance at the end of the 2016-2017 Fiscal Year had fallen to 43%, half of the 85% level required by Board Policy and about 1/3 of the level it had reached due to Boards preceding the Tax and Deplete era of Manager Howard Fink.

More to come...

August 29, 2017 Northfield Township Board of Trustees meeting LiveAgenda