Watch the PC deliberations with our LiveAgenda.

11-15-2017 Northfield Township Planning Commission meeting LiveAgenda     [CC]

[CC] = Close Captioning.  This normally shows up within a day of our posting the video.  Google's automatic CC began on about May 2017.   Commercial Transcription services charge $1 per minute to do this.  That's $210 for a typical 3-1/2 hour Board meeting.  You get it for free because the LiveAgenda video is of necessity hosted on YouTube.  Caveat: Automatic transcription may result in occasionally laughable errors.  Hey, it's free.

Meeting Documents:



Background on local issues

Sign Ordinances and protected speech:

- Reed v Town of Gilbert discussed

- a discussion of Commercial Speech vs Expressive Speech

Medical Marijuana:

Dark Box Stores and local property taxes:

    - on the ethics of taxing freshly built Big Box stores as if they were bankrupted empty buildings

- the May 26, 2016 Court of Appeals decision in the Menards Inc v City of Escanaba discussed

- State of Michigan discovers yet another way to be unfriendly to Big Box Retail