By David Gordon,  March 13, 2019

It was 10 minutes to 11pm when the Board of Trustees (BoT) finally adjourned.
They started at 7pm and this is what they got done.

  1. Hired a policeman.
  2. Approved the Community Center holding a “Medication Take Back” event.
  3. Directed the Manager to “explore” hiring a Zoning Administrator.
  4. Paid bills; dispersed checks and received department reports.

Nearly everything else on the overloaded agenda got chewed over, partially digested
and tabled for lack of information during another typical, disorganized gabfest.

“I’m so tired of this,” said Treasurer Lenore Zelenock. “I’ve been asking for
procedures to be established - summaries and recommendations attached to every
agenda item,” she said. “But it doesn’t happen. This isn’t rocket science,” she added.

There were important items on the agenda such as establishing “Goals & Objectives”
and creating a spending plan for “Capital Improvements”. Neither were resolved.

Supervisor Chockley is responsible for the agenda. She gets $12,500/year for her
service. Township Manager Steve Aynes costs taxpayers nearly $100k/year.
Together, they haven’t yet figured out how to put together an agenda.

We want competence and professionalism.

What we get is “Groundhog Day”, but without the laughs.