11/24/2020 Northfield Township Board of Trustees Zoom meeting LiveAgenda

11/24/2020 Northfield Township Board of Trustees meeting Agenda

11/24/2020 Northfield Township Board of Trustees meeting packet



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11/24/2020 Northfield Township Board of Trustees meeting - start of video




CONSENT AGENDA: Manager Update






Agenda Item 1. Approve November 10, 2020 Regular Meeting Minutes

Agenda Item 2. Consideration of Rezoning request from WLPS for 168 Jennings Rd.

Background and synopsis by Planner Lippens

Comments from the ensuing discussion, in no particular order.

  • Dignan to the Board. "Instruct the attorney to return an opinion in two weeks, despite $250/hour cost and attorney's advice that the issue is complicated?
  • $50,000 per year is the revenue accruing to the school system.
  • Trustee Muchow re possibility of school selling the property to someone who will put in a pot shop.
  • Lippens advised that all the licenses had already been dispensed.
  • Local commercial vs general commercial.
  • Dignan quite vocal about last four years of board lethargy.
  • Aynes points out that Fink's rate is $250/hour
  • Calling the question of attorney advice.
  • Muchow invites Superintendent DeKeyser to speak.
  • School Superintendent Tom DeKeyser speaks. This rezoning process was initiated before Marijuana's legalization. Since then, it has been mired in the Township glue trap. Good faith, says School Superintendent Dekeyser, should not mean that two years after initial consultations they're still debating whether this will remain school property. He said he had wanted to submit the proposal during the summer 2020 but had deferred due to the Township's obsession with pursuing CannaBiz licensing. He said that he now regrets not having pressed forward at the time.
  • Trustee Nelson asks if the 500 ft from school property buffer could be enlarged.
  • Dignan points out that the two pieces of property are within 500 ft of each other, [thus mutually protective?, my interpretation.]
  • Manley apologizes to the school superintendent for the two years of log rolling.
  • Vote to Call the question: 7:0 Attorney Advice motion Vote is 5/2. Dignan, Muchow no
  • Calling the motion to indefinitely postpone the question of rezoning 168 Jennings Rd. Interrupted by Zelenock, who asks about meaning of "indefinitely" Vote is 4/3. Dignan, Muchow, Nelson No

Agenda Item 3. Consideration of Rezoning request from WLPS for 8845 Main St.

Agenda Item 4. Re-appointment of Deputy Treasurer – Emily Hofsess

Agenda Item 5. Re-appointment of Deputy Clerk – Cristina Wilson. Motion by Manley passes 7:0

Agenda Item 6. MTA Township Officer Training Materials - Requesting approval to spend not to exceed $500

  • Motion by Dignan to approve spending $500 amendment passes on training materials motion itself passes 7/0

Agenda Item 7. Board Assignments/Appointments - (Nominations and Appointments)

  • a. Board Rep to the Planning Commission
  • b. Board Rep to the Zoning Board of Appeals
  • c. Board Rep to the Parks & Recreation Board
  • d. Board Rep to the Land Preservation Committee
  • e. Alternative Representative to WATS
  • f. Parliamentarian (Training/Documentation)
  • g. Ethics Sub-committee
  • h. Personnel Committee
  • i. Road Improvement Committee

Agenda Item 8. Discuss Emergency Closure Policy/pay for staff during Emergency Shut-down

NEW BUSINESS - DISCUSSION ONLY (No action requested/recommended at this time)


  • The next regularly scheduled meeting of the BOT will be on Dec. 8
  • The next PC meeting will be on Dec. 2
  • Twinkle the Town
  • Kiwanis Christmas Tree Sale



  • Dignan
  • Zelenock Parks and Rec survey in next tax bill
  • Otto Fireworks fundraising, Kiwanis Christmas Tree Sale, Community Center manager wants to keep sign
  • Chick
  • Dignan Community Center Sign is non conforming