At the June 4, 2014 Planning Commission meeting, Planners were asked by a civil engineering firm to consider "correcting" our Master Plan to allow development of nearly one square mile of southwest Northfield Township farmland.  This land is zoned agricultural and according to our Master Plan cannot be subdivided into 1/4 acre or even 1 acre lots.

Link to Livestream video of the June 4th meeting.

FYI: The video is broken into three parts because of a breakdown of Livestream's broadcasting software early in the meeting.  The missing forty minutes of the meeting were salvaged from township audio tape backup, converted to video, and posted several days later.  The way Livestream works is that what you upload or post most recently, goes to the top of the page.  For that reason, the reconstructed missing middle part appears first.  Video from the end of the P.C. meeting appears second, and the abruptly terminated telecast of the meeting's beginning appears third.  Counterintuitive, but that's life in Livestream's cheap seats.

If the above link doesn't work, go to, click Watch, search for Northfield Township, then click on the June 4 Planning Commission meeting.