The February 27th Board Visioning Retreat was held in the clubhouse of the Links Golf course on Six Mile road.

Lisa Lemble's Minutes, below, (and downloadable here) capture the broad outline of the conversations as directed by Township Manager Fink.  They do not reflect the spirit of the event. 

It would be hard to capture the chill I felt hearing our Township Manager voice the idea of assembling a list of all the large land parcels and their perc test results. 

Nor do the dry and dispassionate minutes capture Supervisor Engstrom's bizarro-world theory of economic development, to wit, the problem with Northfield Township is that no one who lives here works here, and that to solve that what we really need is to build a bunch of houses so that retail business follows and then, magically, industry will follow and everyone will work in Northfield Township.

What's also not in the minutes is Engstrom's giddy opinionating, that the board should enact a master plan amendment even without Biltmore so that we will be prepared, or should I say, pre-prostrated, for the next developer.  I am happy to report that several board members objected to this.

Minutes 2015-02-27retreatp0700w


Minutes 2015-02-27retreatp1700w