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Aaron Parecki,   


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Alex Pettitt,   How To Play Videos On ATEM Mini | OBS Setup + Tips (2020-10-16)

Easy method for playing recorded videos into the Blackmagic ATEM Mini (Pro) by using OBS Studio (v26).

Use it to bring images, videos, and more into your ATEM switcher for your live streams.

Alex Pettitt,   Blackmagic ATEM MINI EXTREME Announcement | LIVE WATCHALONG (2021-02-17)

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A full tutorial showing how to stream to multiple destinations using the Blackmagic ATEM MINI PRO.

I show you how to find and edit the streaming XML file to add streaming location + how to use services

like ReStream, Castr, Grabyo + more to distribute your live broadcast to multiple social networks at

once, all at the same time.

Alex Pettitt,   CONNECT YOUR ATEM MINI TO A NETWORK | How to do it & why you should (2020-05-22) 

Alex Pettitt,   Customise ATEM MINI's PICTURE IN PICTURE using MACROS (2020-06-23)

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The Unofficial Guide to NDI




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Companion on a Raspberry Pi in less than 8 minutes!, Bens TechLab (2021-05-16)

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Yay; You Did It,   ATEM Streaming Bridge: Get program and multi-view out of ATEM Mini Pro/ISO (2021-01-03)

The ATEM Streaming Bridge is a super cheap device that allows you to do two main things:
1. Get program directly out of an ATEM Mini Pro (or ISO)'s ethernet port.
2. Receive signal from a friend's ATEM Mini Pro (or ISO) over the internet with just a 3+ second

Terry Leahy Films,   BlackMagic ATEM Mini Pro ISO Recording and OBS... AT THE SAME TIME (2021-01-08)

BlackMagic,   ATEM Mini Extreme and ATEM Mini Extreme ISO Announcement (2021-02-17)




Key Code Media,    What is Adaptive Bitrate Streaming (ABS) for Video? (2017-02-09)

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APNTV,    BCF2000 Audio Control Surface for ATEM and ATEM Mini Switchers (2021-06-22) 

ATEM Mini, ATEM Audio Control Surface with the Behringer BCF2000, B-Control USB, MIDI, Fader Control Surface.

MIDI Control Surfaces | The Basics - Episode 1, Dan Keen (2021-02-09)

How Does a DAW Control Surface or Controller Work | The Best Reasons to Get One, Lonely Rocker (2020-10-05)

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Curtis Judd,   OSEE LCM215-E 1000 nit HD Production Monitor - 21.5" High Bright (2021-07-11)

OSEE,   LCM215-E 1000nits Field Production Monitor Kit(with V-mount Battery Plate)

The God-King of Monitors 


Static Electricity Misconceptions: Fake vs. Real ESD Wrist Straps & Proper Grounding Deep-Dive (2021-07-13)





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