Community Surveys

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    June 19, 2019 Community Surveys

    PC Hosts a Last Call for comments on the latest Master Plan in 6/19/2019 Public Hearing

    Crowds at October 17th, 2018 Master Plan Open House Visioning Session & defacto Community Survey In brief, at this 6/19/2019 meetup of the Northfield Township Planning Commission: Five of the seven planning commissioners were present. Township Board…
  • October 29, 2018 Community Surveys

    Residents to Planning Committee: “Preserve Farmland & Spruce Up Downtown”

    The October 17th Master Plan Open House Report by David Gordon, November 2, 2018 Big Idea Poster iPhone photo by David Gordon At the Oct. 17th “Open House” hosted by the Planning Commission as part of its $25,000 Master Plan review process, the overwhelming…
  • October 25, 2018 Community Surveys

    Public Comment at October 17 Master Plan Open House

    Master Plan “Open House” vote tally of the poster boards. By David Gordon 11/2/18 There were a total of 720 “dots” placed on the seven poster boards. *** SUMMARY: The voting clearly shows that residents approve of the vision currently outlined in the Master…
  • February 13, 2018 Community Surveys

    Land Preservation Open House Sees Capacity Crowd

    Watch all six presentations at VideoNorthfield using our LiveAgenda: 2-8-2018 Northfield Township Land Preservation Committee meeting LiveAgenda Six Speakers were hosted. Click any of the following links to jump directly to streaming video of their…
  • October 07, 2015 Community Surveys

    2010 Community Survey: 101 Page Version of the Report Uncovered

    Chart: page 9 Data: page 53-54 of 101 page report The 2010 Northfield Township Community Survey Report, 62 page version The 2010 Northfield Township Community Survey Report, 101 page version The 1996 Northfield Township Community Survey Report Watch video of…
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    September 11, 2015 Community Surveys

    September 16th Planning Commission: New Planner Validates 1996 and 2010 Survey Data

    Leah DuMouchel, the new Township Planner, has analyzed the 1996 and 2010 Township community surveys. At the September 16 meeting, she announced these conclusions: The previous surveys were constructed well enough to offer actionable data. Resident priorities…
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    April 13, 2015 Community Surveys

    First Sightings of 2015 Survey

    The first bid for a new Township Survey has arrived from Cobalt Community Research. Read the bid and the township's correspondence here or download the PDF to your PC from here. This proposal will be discussed at April 14th's Board of Trustees Meeting.and at…
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    October 31, 2014 Community Surveys

    The 1996 Township Survey

    "If I were asked for my brief summary of the results of the 1996 study, it would be this: People live in Northfield Township because they value its small-town qualities and natural environment. At the same time, there is a general sense that some improvements…