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3/5/2021   UofM Law Professor and ex USAtty Barb McQuade cohosts a Legal Podcast

with Detroit Journalist Kimberly Atkins, ex USAtty Joyce Vance and Watergate Prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks,

- Detroit Free Press report by Julie Hinds, 3/5/2021


AshaRangappaOnTreason 2017 12 05 

 - TREASON ISN’T JUST A CRIME—IT’S A SIN OF THE HEART, by Asha Rangappa, Zocalo Public Square, 12/5/2017

Asha Rangappa is a senior lecturer at Yale’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, a former Special Agent for the FBI, and a Contributing Editor at Zócalo Public Square.  Rangappa is also recognized for her frequent Network news show expert commentaries, especially in these past several Trump soaked years.




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In the following YouTube videos, Maryland Attorney Mirriam Seddiq introduces you to the Law.

2/28/2021   MORE Act 2021: Federal Decriminalization of Weed! What are the Odds? (Lawyer Take)


2/24/2021  Arrested for Unlawful Flower Arranging. Government Regulation Gone Mad. Talk w/ Shoshana Weissmann 


2/19/2021   Kyle Rittenhouse Shooting: He's Not the Problem. A Legal Analysis.


2/17/2021   Social Media Free Speech Debate: can you shout fire in a crowded theater? Interview w/ Popehat on Free Speech, Mental Health, and Racism


2/15/2021   Legal Burden of Proof: Burden of Production vs. Burden of Pursuasion


2/15/2021   Kyle Rittenhouse Shooting: Was it Self-Defense? No Way. 


2/12/2021   Social media free speech debate: can you shout fire in a crowded theater? Interview with Popehat


2/10/2021  Journalist Ida B. Wells and the Impeachment Opening Statements


2/8/2021 RICO Laws and White Supremacy. 


2/5/2021   Ben & Jerrys Founder Ben Cohen talks Ice Cream and Qualified Immunity


2/5/2021   Ben & Jerry's Founder Ben Cohen talks Ice Cream & Qualified Immunity


1/31/2021    Trump Impeachment Explained: What You Need to Know Before Trial


1/29/2021   Qualified Immunity, Holding Police Accountable Pt. 2


1/27/2021   Domestic Terrorism Laws: Do We Need Them?


1/24/2021   Zip Tie Guy Detained: Lessons in Federal Pretrial Detention.


1/19/2021    What is Qualified Immunity? We Must Hold Police Accountable.


1/16/2021   Q Shaman Update: Jake Agneli Detained Pending Trial!


1/15/2021   DC Capitol Riots and Federal Bail - Should Q Shaman Be Released?


1/13/2021   How does impeachment work in the US? Will Trump get Convicted?


1/13/2021   Federal Conspiracy: Is Trump Guilty?


1/6/2021   What is Sedition? US Capitol Attacked.


1/5/2021   Black History and mental health in the legal profession.


1/3/2021   Can I legally record a conversation? The Trump GA secretary of state call.


1/2/2021   Election Lawsuit Status: What is Injunctive Relief?


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