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Coming Soon to a Church Near You: Flynn's "Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Flynn!"

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10/31/2021   GOP candidate claims Michael Flynn hoped to blackmail U.S. officials into pro-Trump "audits" by Brett Bachman, Salon

"They wanted to gather intelligence on senators, judges, congressmen, state reps, to move them towards the audit," Stern said. "The word 'move' was emphasized tremendously. It was clear to me what they wanted was not traditional opposition research — what they wanted was to extort and to literally move people towards the audit with dirt."


According to Stern, Patriot Caucus is funded largely by billionaire Texas real estate mogul Al Hartman, and has operations in Oklahoma, Nebraska and Virginia, among other places. Hartman became controversial recently as an early crusader against basically any form of COVID-19 precautions: lockdown orders as well as mask and vaccine mandates.


 10/30/2021   New Evidence of Ongoing Domestic terror Threat Links to General Michael T. Flynn, by Everett Stern


10/8/2021   Crackpot Cult Turns on Flynn

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10/3/2021    Flynn Secretly Paid $200,000 in Middle East Nuclear Scheme—Report, by Jeff Stein, SpyTalk from NRC Handelsblad

The payment to Flynn was uncovered during an audit by one of the project’s major players, the Dutch transport company Mammoet, which envisioned shipping major parts of the nuclear plants to Saudi Arabia and other destinations in the Middle East, the paper reported. The wildly ambitious scheme imagined a consortium of U.S., Russian, Canadian and French partners building nuclear power plants in a half dozen Arab states and managing them independent of local regimes.

The project never jelled for numerous reasons, just one of them being the involvement of Flynn, whose willingness to take an exorbitant speaking fee from the Russians and under-the-table lobbying fees from the Turks made him toxic. He was fired from his position as Trump’s national security adviser only weeks into his tenure for lying to FBI agents and Vice President Mike Pence about a back-channel phone call to the Russian ambassador. Trump pardoned him after his guilty plea last November.

10/1/2021   Nederlands bedrijf betaalde mee aan dubieuze lobbyist Michael Flynn, by Esther Rosenberg & Carola Houtekamer, NRC Handelsblad

Politieke lobby Het Nederlandse transportbedrijf Mammoet droeg vijf miljoen euro bij aan een groot, privaat kernenergieproject. Het geld ging onder meer naar de omstreden Amerikaanse oud-generaal Flynn. 

7/6/2020   Mike Flynn swears allegiance to QAnon in wild Fourth of July video, by Roger Sollenberger, Salon

At the end of the constitutional oath, Flynn adds the QAnon slogan, "Where we go one we go all," which the group repeats. "God Bless America!" they all cheer as they pump their fists.  Flynn tagged the tweet "#TakeTheOath," an online challenge to join the QAnon movement