Movie Posters:

Propaganda films made for Harry J. Anslinger's campaign of terror against American Citizens.




Assassin of Youth


Assassin party scene still


Devils Harvest lobby card


Devils Harvest v1 a good girl until she lights a reefer


Devils Harvest v2


El Tabaco Negro del Diablo lobby card


Marihuana a puff a party a tragedy


Devils Harvest v3

Marihuana directed by Leon Klimovsky 

 Devils Harvest v4


 Marihuana el Tabaco Negro del Diablo


 Devils Harvest v5


 Marihuana Exposed


 Marihuana Roadshow Attractions


Marijuana The Plant from Hell

Marijuana Weed from the Devil's Garden

Reefer Madness v1 the Deadly Scourge


Reefer Madness v2


She Shoulda said no


Reefer Madness v3


The Burning Question Makes beasts of men and women


Reefer Madness v4


The Devils Weed Lila Leeds own story 

 Reefer Madness v5


 The Devils Weed Lila Leeds