If you spoke at one of the series of Planning Commission and Board of Trustees meetings where the newly legal Marijuana was the focus, you will soon find links to your moment on the political stage here. I begin with the March 20 Planning Commission premier of the new ordinances.

March 20, 2019:

The Planning Commission held a public hearing on their proposed Marijuana Regulations

Here's a classic LiveAgenda for the 3/20 meeting.  Below that is a more granular meeting breakdown.


Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call

Approve the Agenda

First Call to the Public

Tawn Beliger

Mike McClelland 5313 hilltop ct

Mr Lippens interjects

David Gordon

Clarifications from Commissioners


Public Hearings

Public Hearing for the Sign Ordinance

Mr Lippens report on the sign ordinance

Public Hearing: marijuana ordinances

Paul Lippens explains the ordinance

Roman: Comments from the Public?

David Gordon

Lippens explaining 10 acre minimum zoning

Wayne Davidson, 8015 Coyle Road

John Hufford, 5285 Tamarack Trail

Craig Warburton

Lippens explains: the number of growing licenses available will be 20 total

Chris Salata

Doug Nelson

Davidson tries for another at bat

Kevin May: "This is a conservative catholic community" "There will be needles in our streets!"

Iaquinto asks the Chair to address Kevin May's outrageous behavior

Lippens clarifies

Kathryn Mayer, 5361 Sutton Rd

Roman admonishes Kevin May who was attempting to debate Mayer

Iaquinto: motion to close public hearing

Reports of Committees. Chick: Board of Trustees



Planning Consultant

Parks and Recreation

Downtown Planning Group

Agenda Item 10a approve 8525 main street plans?

Lippens report


OHM Report

Roman: Motion to approve with conditions, LittleFish

10b sign ordinance

Agenda Item 10c: Marijuana Ordinance

Cousino comment


Roman's response




Dwyer: no business in the AR district is appropriate

Zarzecki: questioning $5000/year fee for caregivers




Lippens "I would say that it takes a lawyer to figure it out

Roman: we have a motion on the floor regarding the ordinance language

Cousino: questions re Green Oak Twp

Lippens answering question about Green Oak

Lippens explains the map


Roman: All of these points were addressed before

Roman: We have a motion on the floor

Zarzecki: Motion passes 5:2

Roman: Motion for the permit regulations to be forwarded to the Board of Trustees

Cousino: Is it on the Agenda?

Roman: It could have been done together

Motion passes 5:2


Final Call to the Public

Doug Nelson

Jacki Otto

Kathryn Mayer

Wayne Davidson

Adam Olney

Comments from Commissioners







Next Regular Meeting

Motion to Adjourn