Possibly pot party purveyors are smoking it out with Law Enforcement Trainers and the as yet undead patrons of an expanding city cemetary for the rights to ply their grimly enmeshed trades on the site of the nine years vacant, M-36 adjacent, Pinkney Elementary School.

 1/4/2021   Proposed marijuana business at shuttered Pinckney Elementary clears hurdle, by Jennifer Timar, Livingston Daily

The Pinkney village Planning Commission voted on Monday night to recommend that the Pinkney Village Council conditionally rezone the Pinkney school. The M-36 adjacent property has been unused since 2012.


 The land would have to be rezoned before developer Chris Bonk could apply for marijuana business licenses from the village.  His plans: marijuana growing, processing and possible direct sales.

12/29/2020   Will Pinckney rezone a shuttered elementary school for marijuana business? by Jennifer Timar, Livingston Daily

Pinkney will be the first Livingston county community to allow marijuana establishments.

11/4/2020   Proposal for marijuana businesses passes in Pinckney, other proposals OK'd too, by Bill Khan, Livingston Daily

The types of businesses included in the seven-page proposed ordinance include a safety compliance facility, secure transporter, microbusiness, two retail businesses, a processor, a Class A grower, a Class B grower, a Class C grower and a designated consumption establishment.


Village Council trustee Rebecca Foster said an application process for businesses has to be established within 10 to 14 days and the application period is 30 days. She said the village is required to approve at least three businesses.

In 2016 the school property was sold to a Detroit investor for $200,000.  They planned to convert the elementary school into a paintball and non-lethal projectile weapons training and urban warfare simulation center.  One year later the Village began the process of rezoning the former school system property to residential, not exactly what was required to site a commercial enterprise in the slowly decaying school building.  Apparently the property owner could not arrange financing for their urban combat training dreams. Equally apparent, the Village didn't share their dream.

5/8/2017   Owners of shuttered Pinckney school surprised by rezoning proposal, by Jennifer Eberbach, Livingston Daily

Village officials say property owners have not told them the plan to open business this year

4/9/2016   Airsoft gun company in Detroit buys Pinckney Elementary, by Abby Welsh, Livingston Daily

The former Pinckney Elementary building will become a law enforcement training facility and a playground for residents wanting to be weekend Rambo-esque warriors.