Washtenaw County residents will once again pay for road improvements through a one-year property tax increase.  The county's board gave final approval to a renewal of the 0.5-mill tax first approved in October 2014

Each municipality that cares for its own roads—the county's cities and villages—will keep the taxes collected from residents. The remainder will be used by the Washtenaw County Road Commission (WCRC) on township roads. WCRC managing director RoyTownsend assured commissioners at a previous meetings that the commission will spend more money in each township than what is collected.

- MLive: Road tax renewed: Washtenaw County to see more than $7 million in repairs, Ben Freed, September 18, 2015

Cities and villages across the county have already turned their list of proposed projects in to the Washtenaw County Road Commission, which will present its plan at the board's Sept. 2 Ways and Means Committee meeting to pass the 0.5-mill property tax using Public Act 283—which does not require a vote of the public.


"It's not just a bucket of money we hand over to the road commission," Dan Smith, R-Northfield Township, said.


"They've itemized every single thing they're going to do and every city and village project is also listed out. According to the law, the PA 183, the Board of Commissioners is not allowed to add to that list."

For maps and extensive tables of the planned road projects, read the rest of Ben Freed's MLive story:

- Ben Freed, MLive, August 21, 2015

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