Here's a Live Timeline / LiveAgenda for the 1/7/2020 Special Board meeting. 

- by Jim Nelson


This is a LiveTimeline.

Everything in this document is a clickable link to a moment of video.  It gets you close to the moment an Agenda item was reached, a question was asked, an answer provided or a barely grounded speculation was tossed into the air to see if it would float or thrown like a plate of soggy spaghetti against a wall to see if it would stick.

This is made possible by hosting the video on Youtube.  B-Cam footage is edited in to eliminate most of the distracting camera motion you may have seen on the Livestream.  The pans, the tilts, the zoomings in and out.  With only one meeting room camera aimed toward the Board, those motions can't be avoided.

This transcription is incomplete. I handled as much as I could stand. Much remains to be transcribed.

FWIW, I've deleted the editorial asides. As on point as they may be, it is unnecessarily cruel to tell people the truth about themselves.

Planner Paul Lippens' presentation comparing the Synthesis, AR Brouwer, and Livonia Builders site maps begins here.

I greatly enhanced the Lippens segment with higher quality artwork and mattes.

Here's a portable copy. Pass it around. Watch your community leaders shuck and jive.



Call to Order



Roll Call

Motion to adopt the agenda

First Call to the Public

Board Member Response


Chockley: Moving on to the Agenda item

Belliger: Can I make a motion to entertain negotiations with Livonia Builders with a counter offer of 1.1 million?

Beliger: I can make the motion. I move to reject the current offer from Livonia Builders

Beliger: I move that we ask for a response from Livonia Builders by January 17th

2nd Call to the Public

Board Member Comments

Motion to Adjourn

Meeting adjourned