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- reported by WHMI (93.5 FM, Livingston County)

March 2, 2016

Brighton Township officials will hold a special meeting this week to hopefully answer any questions residents may have about the sanitary sewer system.


$27.8 million dollars were issued by the township back in 2000 to construct the sewer system- a project some residents claim was “forced” upon them. Many local property owners have since approached the Board of Trustees with questions and concerns about sewer taxes and the system and Township Manager Brian Vick wants to address them. Vick will host a meeting and question and answer session on Thursday March 3 at 7 pm at Cornerstone Church on Hilton Road (at the intersection with Hunter). Vick says he has reviewed years’ worth of documents about the system and the meeting is really for anyone interested in the issue.


Jim Sarna, President of the Woodland Shore Homeowners Lake Association, says the original users on the system have been overcharged on the special assessment and that township officials have remained “indifferent” towards them. Sarna tells WHMI he wants answers but if he doesn't get them, he suggests litigation could be an option. Sarna alleges that the township will not provide a current assessment role for the system and that users have paid well past what they owe.


Sarna says he has “done the numbers” and if the assessment goes until the bonds mature in 2019, users will have paid $29,812.33- a “far cry” from the original assessment of $12,400. Sarna also claims that the township has made exceptions for other property owners by not enforcing laws that require them to hook up to the system if they are within 200ft. of it. In Sarna’s opinion, township officials “are not representing the citizens of Brighton.” (DK)

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