This spring I rototilled five trailer's worth of Tuthill Farms compost into my garden plot.  It is great stuff, well aged and cool to the touch. After the mixing our heavy clay loam is much easier on us and the plants. 

Their farm and compost manufactory is located east of US-23, on Tuthill Road, half a mile north of Nine Mile Road, one mile west of Marshall Road (called Spencer Road here in Northfield Township). You're reading this because the Tuthills and their farm are featured in an August 12 Livingston Daily story.   Here are a few lines for context:

Jim Tuthill and his wife, Sandra Tuthill, are the fifth generation to work the land. Their kids James, Emily and Ashley grew up there. Daughter Emily and her husband, Stanley Stinson, currently live there with their three young children — the seventh generation on the farm.  The family has owned it for more than 150 years.  The Tuthill family has had to adapt and make big changes over the years, reacting to rapid growth in the area.


“We were able to diversify instead of being forced out. So, all that growth is really an opportunity,” Sandra Tuthill said. 


- Jennifer Eberbach, The Livingston Daily