( Below are my annotations to Planner Lippens' cover letter in the 1/6/2020 addendum to the Board meeting packet.)


Simple.  Bury the actual rating, a Grade of D,  under another pile of numbers.  

How well do the two builders proposals match the Township's stated goal?  65 points was a perfect score.  Sadly...

    Livonia Builders scored 45.38.    That's 69%

    AR Brouwer scored 43.13.           That's 66%

Back in High School, scores like those were called 'D's.


"Our" Planner manipulated the scoring. The scores fronted by Lippens are pumped up - to barely a C and C-

The abysmal 'D' scores for, "How well the plans match our stated goals," were added to ratings (guesses) at how

effectively the two developers operate as businesses. 


In other words, how well they can deliver the results we didn't actually want.


 - But that's not the question.

That was never the question.


Wanna know the kicker?  It's item 9, the most telling evaluation of all.  There was almost nothing special about the two proposals. Nothing noteworthy. Nothing outside the box.  Nothing adding to the Lakeside quality of life. Nothing that made the evaluators get up on their hind legs and holler.  Nothing.