Manley Kathleen 350hCandidate Bio:

My name is Kathleen Manley. I am a Northfield Township resident of 10 years. We have a beautiful home on ten acres, on what I would consider the most beautiful lot in the Township. I am a proud wife and mother of 3 children.

In 2014, I began working in Northfield as the Assessing/Building Assistant. In 2015, I left Northfield to pursue an Assessing position in Ypsilanti Township. Prior, I worked in the banking industry for 20 years, holding many positions from teller, mortgage officer to branch manager. We also own a small business that has been in the family for 25 years. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Wayne State. My experience working within the government, with the public, managing people and owning a business gives me a wealth of knowledge that will make me the best choice for Township Clerk.

Candidate Questionnaire:

  • 1.   Why are you running for office?

I am running for office to be a voice for the citizens of Northfield. I’m not a politician, I am a citizen just like you. I have seen the need for changes in the Township and decided to get involved and get things done. I have worked in Government settings both as the previous Northfield assessing/building assistant, and as a current appraiser in Ypsilanti Township. I also have management experience, customer service experience and run a small business. I believe I can bring day to day operational experience to the board. My skill set and my experiences in the workplace and in life make me the perfect fit for the Clerk position.

  • 2.   What is your platform?

My platform is that the citizens need to be involved in decisions and informed of what is going on in the Township, and how tax dollars are being spent. I want to keep Northfield a unique place to live for this generation and future generations. I want our Downtown to flourish and prosper. The people spoke when the Master Plan was created, and this should be followed. There are exceptions but those would need to go through the proper channels for any changes. The citizens need to have a voice, and I will be that voice for them. The Board needs to be accessible to the people and accountable for its actions.

  • 3.   What is your approach to building consensus in groups with divergent perspectives?

If there is dissension, we need to listen and debate. This often leads to a better outcome. We need to focus on the facts and the process, not on speculation. Motives will be challenged but ultimately the decision lies with the board that the people voted for and I Intend to be the vote of the people. When groups talk, there are times when the differences are not that far apart, just misunderstood.

  • 4.   Would you support a local ordinance requiring the Board to notify residents and get approval before spending more than $250,000 on a particular project?

I would support resident approval when situations allow.

  • 5.   Would you support a millage for natural feature, farmland and open space preservation? If yes, what would you do to make that happen?

Any millage would have to go in front of the voters. I could support a millage for any of these if that is what the voters decide. I would review any millage proposals, and consider them at the time. If there was an idea presented that I would support, I would share that idea with the people and encourage their support.

  • 6.   Are there any capital improvement projects you would support with taxpayer dollars after essential services are covered?

I support improvements that would help to revitalize the Downtown areas. I would like to see a study of what businesses the downtown could sustain with the area demographics. We have a beautiful waterfront that the public does not have access to. With the purchase of the VanCurler properties that could be reality, but at a cost. Public participation in this process will be vital. I would also support the expansion of trails in the Township, along with better connectivity to our adjoining communities.

  • 7.   Do you support the current 5-acre zoning in our agricultural areas? If not, what zoning would you prefer and why?

Yes, I support the zoning as set in the Master Plan.

  • 8.   Are you familiar with our township’s Master Plan and do you support its vision for our community? If not, what would you change?

As stated above, I support the Master Plan and its vision for our community. I am not opposed to reviewing the Master Plan as needed.

  • 9.   Do you think the Master Plan should be altered to accommodate a developer?

If a developer wants to change the Master Plan, they must follow the proper protocol and this should be presented to the community for input before any decision is made.

  • 10. Do you think sewers should be extended and the sewage plant expanded to promote residential development in our agricultural areas?

The sewers should not be expanded to promote development. If development does occur, then the developers should pay for the expansions needed.

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