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1 – Why are you running for office?

I am running for Township Treasurer to:

  • Use my 30 years of financial experience at Ford Motor Company to bring an experienced financial voice to our Township Board, to make smarter financial decisions, and to protect your tax dollars.
  • Be there for you. I am retired and will have office hours to listen to your ideas and address your concerns.
  • Work with the community to implement the publicly approved Plan for development and preservation. This Plan supports housing development in the Whitmore Lake School District, business development, and preservation of open spaces.
  • Get your input. Were you aware that the Board lost $450,000 on investments, is spending $425,000 on purchasing property, and is spending at least $60,000 on a new board room? I will propose a policy to send you communication whenever major decisions and projects for your tax dollars are being discussed.

2 – What is your platform?

My platform is all about Respect:

  • Respect for each other.
  • Respect for our tax dollars.
  • Respect for the Master Plan.

We need to respect each other. We are a very diverse community. We have people who live by lakes, live in town, live on large lots, live on small lots, and live on farms. We need to respect this diversity. We need to foster an environment where all views are respected and are welcomed.

Our tax dollars need to be respected. If there are discussions on spending our tax dollars on major projects, the people need to be informed and their input obtained. I will propose a policy that will notify the community whenever major decisions and projects for spending tax dollars are being considered. In addition, when making decisions, we need to make sure our Ts are crossed and our Is are dotted before making the decisions. We cannot again afford to lose $450,000 on investments or any other financial decision.

Our Master Plan needs to be respected. Our township has a sound, publicly-approved Plan for growth and preservation. This Plan supports housing development in the Whitmore Lake School District, business development, and preservation of open spaces in our township. I will work with the community and the board to implement this Plan. Planning is key to success. Let's be successful together.

3 - What is your approach to building consensus in groups with divergent perspectives?

An atmosphere of respect needs to be built. At least quarterly, I think we should have time before the board meetings so our residents can come and talk with board members and with each other so people get to know each other or maybe we should have quarterly open houses at the Public Safety Building and/or the Community Center so people can get to know their board members and each other.

4 – Would you support a local ordinance requiring the Board to notify residents and get approval before spending more than $250,000 on a particular project?

Yes. In addition, if the Board knows there is a surplus and there are plans to spend the surplus, I would propose the community is sent communication so the residents can prioritize how the surplus is to be spent before it is spent.

5 – Would you support a millage for natural feature, farmland and open space preservation?  If yes, what would you do to make it happen?

I support natural features, farmland, and open spaces. Having these features makes our township a desirable place to live. Our taxes are high so I would support that we ask the residents what they want. I think other avenues need to be explored as well. We need to work with land conservation agencies and see the different programs offered. Maybe a capital funding raising campaign could be implemented to support this preservation. Also, maybe some of the township surplus could be allocated to support this preservation.

6 – Are there any capital improvement projects you would support with taxpayer dollars after essential services are covered?

Again, the people need to be asked their priorities. Some thoughts are fixing roads, implementing projects in the Park and Recreation plan, and renovating 75 Barker.

7 – Do you support the current 5-acre zoning in our agricultural areas? If not, what zoning would you prefer and why?

I support the publicly approved Master Plan which supports the current 5-acre zoning in our agricultural areas. At this time, the Master Plan has land planned for higher density elsewhere in our township that has yet to be developed and closer to services. I think we need to focus our energy to develop these areas.

8 – Are you familiar with our township's Master Plan and do you support its vision for the community? If not, what would you change?

I am familiar with the Township's Master Plan and I support its vision for the community. The Plan was publicly approved. The Plan supports higher density development around the Whitmore Lake area and the Whitmore Lake School District, business development, and preservation. In addition, the Plan supports development close to established services. Planning is the key to success. Let's implement our Plan and have success for our Township.

9 - Do you think the Master Plan should be altered to accommodate a developer?

Again, I support the Master Plan as it was publicly approved.

If you alter the Plan for one developer, you will need to alter for all developers. Then the Plan is no longer the people's plan.

The Plan was established based on extensive and substantial public input. The Plan should only be modified with extensive and substantial public input.


10 - Do you think sewers should be extended and the sewage plant expanded to promote residential development on our agricultural areas?

Again, we need to follow our publicly approved Master Plan. The Plan promotes having development close to established services including sewers.



My husband and I have been married for over 32 years. We have lived in Northfield Township for over 22 years. I worked at Ford for 30 years in various finance assignments. I am now retired. I have a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Wayne State and a Bachelors in Computer Science from the University of Michigan-Dearborn. I volunteer as the Whitmore Lake High School Kiwanis Key Club Advisor, the Treasurer for People's Express and Northfield Human Services, and the Secretary for the Kiwanis Club and the Foundation of Whitmore Lake. I enjoy walks, kayaking, and racquetball.

Questions?  Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.