Meeting Report

Four Candidates for Planner were interviewed.  Video of each interview was clipped and posted separately to our Northfield NewsCam site on Youtube.

Because the meeting ran late, the discussion about the possibility of having the Township buy and develop the Downtown Whitmore Lake Van Curler property was rescheduled until July 28.  Before the matter was tabled, Trustees and Commissioners edged in a few comments.  These plus a later observation by Trustee Kathy Braun are collected in the following three minute Northfield NewsCam Youtube clip:

 The Van Curler Purchase discussion



Below are the four Planning Consultant's proposals.  They're clipped from the meeting packet, which is 28 MB in size.

The Planning Consultant Interviews, in order of appearance:


Wade Trim (Detroit) - Not Recommended by Planning Commission 



 CIB Planners/OHM Advisors (Fenton) - Not Recommended by Planning Commission



Beckett & Raeder (Ann Arbor) - 2nd Choice of Planning Commission 



 McKenna Associates (Northville) - 1st Choice of Planning Commission



Meeting Preview

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Below are the four Planning Consultant's proposals.  They're clipped from the meeting packet, which is 28 MB in size.

Also on this Agenda is Sam Iaquinto's proposal to have the Township Taxpayers buy the Van Curler property on the north end of Whitmore Lake.  Relax; it's only a discussion.  


[On Background - Opinion]

On July 1st the Planning Commission decided to join the Board interviews of candidates to replace Carlisle/Wortman.  You can watch the ten minute discussion on Livestream beginning at about 1 hr 22 minutes after the Call to Order.   Commissioner Brad Cousino again raised the central issue.  The Planning Commission is the Planning Consultant's primary customer.  They work together in every meeting.   A good  working relationship between the Consultant and the P.C. is important.  There's no way to get a feel for that from printed proposals and feel-good sales pitches.  You can only do that in person.

Chairperson Chockley said that the MTA (Michigan Township Association) recommended devoting 45 - 60 minutes to each candidate.  Part of that time would go for the candidate's presentation (sales pitch).  In the remaining time the Board and Planning Commission members could ask questions. 

Instead of that, whoever arranged this meeting Agenda allocated only 30 minutes per candidate.

Anybody remember their first job interview?  It took me that long to get hired as a busboy when I was sixteen years old.

This firing / hiring decision seems just a bit more important than 30 minutes.  Someone is in a hurry, or the outcome has already been fixed, or they have no idea what they're doing. Or worse, they know exactly what they're doing.