Trustee Beliger explains her support for hiring another Township Manager:

At approximately 2 hours, 33 minutes, 36 seconds into the meeting, Trustee Beliger responds to a questions posed during Call to the Public:

"Was the manager worth the cost? Why wasn't an assessment done?"

Trustee Beliger:

….regarding…a comment about ‘show us the assessment of how much money we saved or didn’t save with a manager’….….that’s like….in one way, I don’t know how someone could do such a thing….how could one show that one has saved or cost more money on a project….since there’s only one time-line in life, sometimes you can’t always say that we could have saved had we done this….it’s not always that clear cut…it just seems like possibly there’s no way to accurately quantify what could have been saved or not saved…perhaps he did save us money….perhaps he cost us a heck of a lot of money ….but compared to what….we can’t compare two timelines of history….we only have the timeline that we have….I think some things were indeed a waste of money but…..maybe there’s some savings somewhere too…I’m not trying to justify one thing or another….it’s just…it’s a question that can’t be answered…..that’s all."

Nearly every phrase is timeless:

  • "since there's only one time-line in life...."
  • "we can't compare two timelines in history..."
  • "we only have the timeline we have...."
  • "it's a question that can't be answered...."


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