Read that again. Quickly. Read it aloud. Feel the footfall of syllables. Breathe. Bite each consonant. Speak surely, confidently. You know what it means. They know what it means. Everybody knows what it means.

Squish-puff is what happens when revenue-neutral has no empirical, quantified basis. It was a planner's ploy, a tasty morsel of insider jargon, to convey an illusion of financial planning, to focus attention where he wanted it focused, away from the possibility of a real downtown park. The limits or your language are the limits of your thinking. Control language to control thought.

Revenue neutral now has a seat of honor, the foundation of the Lake Park dream evisceration. Chockley invoked it again at this meetup.

Up next? A map showing just how little park space will be provided by the latest Board retrenchment, a proposal to reserve as Public park property a  band of public land only 400 feet deep, measured from the lake's edge.


As a public service, here are the packet Documents broken out and separated into separate pdfs: 


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