These are the raw elements of the 10/22 LiveAgenda. Clicking a link takes you directly to video of the meeting at the point where an agenda item, utterance, or comment transpired.

Youtube makes this possible. But what Youtube giveth, it can take away. I uploaded two versions of the underlying meeting video. Their quality differed by a factor of four, but the lower quality video is what Youtube displays as HD. I moved the LiveAgenda links below from the higher quality upload to the lower quality upload, because the lower quality upload displays as 720P. Makes perfect sense, no? OK Boomer!


Call to Order


Pledge of Allegiance

First Call to the Public

Sam Iaquinto: Pro Pot Business Opportunities and revenue stream

Mary Devlin: anti-pot

Amy Scholl: "we’re not ready for pot"

David Gordon

Shannon Koenig: powerful pot industry will buy our politicians

Margaret Riddell: anti-pot

Carl Watkins “our quality of life will be terrible”

Stacy Sloan: ethics & accountability lacking

Board Member Response





Chockley: "we’ll do better on that blahblahblah"


Chick: “We can’t afford it. The park is a burden on the township.”

Consent Agenda

Sewer Liability issue raised by Beliger

Chick: Warner issue

Chockley: why the sewer backup issue was not an Agenda Item

Property Owner public statement re sewer backup

Chockley: motion re consent agenda

Dockett re address, Barker & Main, of Driftwood Marina being torn down

Zelenock: motion to end meeting at 930pm

Manley: vote on the agenda

Zelenock introduces Shink's presentation while Chockley busy

Shink announces hearing dates, november 6th coming up

Shink: citizen complaints re tree cutting

Shink: re citizen protest against herbicide spraying

Shink: offers help with county park grants for north village

Agenda Item #1:

Master Plan Adoption

Zelenock - On 9/24...

Chockley blows off concerns; I just think it's time to move on.

Chockley: It really does open up some areas

Chockley: I guess I would like to call the question

Agenda Item 2:

Resolution 19-615

Otto: why now, why the limit to 4 acres? Lippins

Lippins answers

Burns: to make a park, deed restrictions

Dockett on boat slips, piers, fishing, people sleeping overnight

vote on amendment to strike in perpituity from language

Beliger offers 5 acre amendment

Chockley: "I'd hate to eliminate five houses over 1/4 acre of open space"

Zelenock: Manager, how many acres did we put in out rfps? I recall nine.

Lippins: That's not the recommendation you have from the committee

Zelenock: and none of this has been scored

Chockley: Does the board feel this is premature?

Call the vote on Beliger's motion to make it a minimum of five acres

vote on resolution 19-615

passed 5-2

Zelenock – Motion to bring County Parks in for possible help on financing or running the park. 6/1 Dockett “no”

Otto prefers committee

Chockley: I think it's early

Beliger I think we should wait on that idea

Zelenock: $157,836.68 paid in County Park Millage Y2018

Chockley Waffling re time limit

Chockley: res to opt out of the hard cap

Chockley: motion to skip number 3

Dockett: now you're being a jerk

Beliger: motion to approve health insurance

Docket & Mgr argue over packet, insurance figures vs percentages

Docket to Aynes: “Oh poor you!”

Zelenock to Aynes: Your info is incomplete

Agenda Item 5:

Long discussion over $17k increase &amp and Aynes’ report

Motion by Chockley to continue health insurance contributions same as past year

beliger: move to extend thomas duke contract for barker road sale

Beliger: move to extend meeting until 10pm Dockett: you broke all your promises.

Beliger, Why don't we just extend the meeting half an hour

Agenda Item 3:

Zelenock, so what if we go back and talk about building right now...

Dockett shouts out contention that county is available every day of the week and saves money.

Dockett: the county has not raised their prices in 13 years

Motion by Zelenock to have Aynes assemble information by January. Dockett recommends a subcommittee

Two board members volunteer for the subcommittee : beliger and zelenock

Agenda Item 6:

Beliger Motion to renew Thomas Duke Contract to sell 75 Barker

Agenda Item 6: Contract Extension for sale of 75 Barker

Chick suggests postponing all 75 Barker decisions until March

Vote to extend the current contract with Thomas Duke

motion to extend passes 4:3

Agenda Item 7:

Beliger: can we move to consider purchase offer of... Number 7

Zelenock: I would like to table Number 7

Dockett: I don't think we should sell this

Agenda item 8:

motion by beliger to close twp offices

Chockley: I don't know that we can get into your item

Agenda Item 9:

Otto: I would like to table this item, the Clerk's survey


Zelenock: Is there any legal constraint on that Mr Burns?

Otto: so people can come here and start handing out political material at our board meetings? Burns nods yes

2nd call to the public

George Brown - spoke for six full minutes.

Margaret Riddell

Amy Scholl

David Gordon

Jim Nelson

Board Member Comments

Dockett: – we don’t need this project (park). Glad when pot is over.

Dockett: you people are putting up half a million dollars. that's what we've got invested.


Chick – takes offense with comments that big business can corrupt government. “Can’t imagine politicians being bought. Can’t imagine it.”



Zelenock – we should be doing lots of surveys – these are big items that will define the township forever. Once you sell the land, it’s gone forever.


Motion to Adjourn