Here is the LiveAgenda, greatly expanded. Click any of the links to watch the meeting beginning at the linked speaker's speaking. Toward the end the link lands about ten seconds early.



Here's a portable, clickable version of the LiveTimeline

11/12/2020  Northfield Township Board of Trustees meeting LiveTimeline


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Call to order


Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call

1st Call to the Public

Board Member Response

Motion to Accept the Consent Agenda


Meeting called back to order

Adopt the balance of the Agenda

Agenda Item 1: Chockley: Motion to approve payment of open bills

Agenda Item 7, Ordinance 1966

Chick: Motion to adopt Ordinance 19-67 to add chapter 23, Marijuana facilities to the code of ordinances

Otto: Motion to hire a temporary clerk to help handle the applications

Item # 3, no #9, no #2? Opt out - #9

#3 now? No, #2

Consider purchase offer for 75 Barker

Chockley: motion to approve rezoning from AG to Limited industrial for 6410 Whitmore Lake Road

Chick: Motion to approve Terra Firma's request to operate a landscape biz with outdoor storage of materials

Trustee Liason Reports


2nd Call to the Public

Board Member Response

Beliger: Move to Adjourn

Motion passes. Meeting adjourned.