Sam Iaquinto was referring to the D grades given to the two North Village developer proposals. 

Chick's Response?  Denial delivered at warp speed, almost unintelligible, like the chattering of an Adderall enhanced chipmonk.  Why I have no idea.  In ordinary Board meetings, on subjects Trustee Chick is confident about, she is quite capable of normal speech.  (Any fans of David Mamet in the audience?  House of Games?  Do you know what a Tell is?)

Since then one developer has revised his proposal, revised it to the point that the township taxpayers are completely on the hook for providing a park and a beach, not for the Township citizens but for the developer's 90 homes. He's also required to build barrier between the homes and the empty space formally called a park.  What pittance remained allocated for park will be diminished by this barrier. That's whaqt barriers do.

Gone are the multistory apartments intended to concentrate renters, minimize sprawl, provide a gloss of modernity, and deflect highway noise.

Gone is the Park. Gone are the "amenities."  Gone is the Beach. 

Plenty of Fireworks parking, though: 21 whole parking spaces on Barker Road. 

Gone is any pretense that this was anything but a DDA tax grab.



2/5/2020 Northfield Township Planning Commission Agenda

2/5/2020Northfield Township Planning Commission Packet