This is a rudely formatted, partial transcription of the Town Hall. Two or three editorial comments excepted, the text below is verbatim, said by someone. Click the questions; click the lines of discussion. Clicking anything will take you to the point in the Town Hall video where that sentence was uttered.

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Informal Start

What can be done about the amount of dog feces in downtown Whitmore Lake?

Next Question: how smoothly is the application process for marijuana businesses going?

Simple yes or no: Are you ok with wastewater overflowing into our waterways?

[... yeah, I know. What storm sewers? There are none.]

?Audience: So, ironically, I was wanting to ask this question before I knew about the sewer overflowing today, simply because this has been a problem that the Township has been looking at for a very long time. So my follow up question is, are you willing now that there has been a catastrophe, are you willing to make forward momentum with getting a retention basin built?

What would the township like to see in terms of a marijuana retail store?

Why doesn't the Township put Park question on the ballot so all are aware of opportunity, if you're putting out a survey for the park next to the post office?

Why are you giving away the park next to the post office for undermarket value?

If you're putting out a survey about benches, it's all over town - what kind of benches are we going to put on the sidewalk to nowhere, then why can't you put out a survey for the park itself?

Manley - If I can just have a quick follow up on that. The park is in just the beginning stages. Nothing's confirmed.

Ciccella: When I left as Supervisor

When zoning is approved for marijuana businesses, will you continue to jam up the process?

Manley - Mr Gordon gets the last question

Gordon - I was hoping that this type of question and answer period would not become a one off and would actually become a tradition of the Board

Gordon: How can you pretend to be public servants when you don't listen to the public?

End of Stream