90 houses crammed onto tenth acre lots


Here's a portable copy of the Live Timeline 

2/11/2020  Northfield Township Board of Trustees meeting LiveTimeline



And here's the stuck-on-this-webpage version:

Meeting Called to Order

Pledge of Allegiance


First Call to the Public

Board Member Response

Chockley: Motion to adopt the consent agenda

Chockley: Motion to approve the payment of open bills

Chockley: Motion to adopt the contract with the People's Express

Chockley: Motion to purchase one full set of jaws of life

Chockley: Motion to authorize the Townshop Manager to sign a letter of agreement with Fink

Chockley: Now we're at the Storage Tank

North Village

Agenda Item - Discuss the sale of 75 Barker

Chockley: Employee Handbook

Chockley: Motion to approve the january 28 special meeting minutes

Chockley: motion to approve minutes of the regular board meeting of january 28th

motion to accept the trustee liaison reports


Second Call to the public

Board Member Responses

Move to Adjourn