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2/25/2020  Northfield Township BoT full meeting LiveTimeline


And here's the stuck-on-this-webpage version:


Audience milling around Informal Call to Order

Formal Call to Order

Invocation and Pledge

Roll Call

Call to the Public

Board Member Comments

Zelenock: Motion to have a Town Hall Meeting on April 7th at 7:00 PM in particular to discuss the North Village

Chockley: Calls the vote. Motion to have a Town Hall passes 6:0

Chockley: Motion to accept the consent Agenda

Chockley: All right; I will make a motion to have a special meeting

Motion to hold a special meeting on march 3rd to discuss offers for 75 Barker. Passes 5:1

Chockley: motion to adopt the balance of the Agenda

Agenda Item 1

Chick: I'd like to make a motion to allow Mr. Iaquinto and his attorney to speak to the public

Agenda Item 2

Agenda Item 3

Agenda Item 4: Consider Resolution 20-620, Authorization to Publish Notice of intent...

Agenda Item 5: Resolution 20-619

Agenda item 6

Agenda Item 7

Agenda Item 8: Goals and Priorities


2nd call to the Public

Boardmember Response

Motion to Adjourn

The Meeting's over