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2/25/2020 Northfield Township BoT Town Hall LiveTimeline


Below is the stuck-to-this-webpage version.  These are notes, names, quotations, descriptions or snark conveying the meaning of what someone said. There are also a few timestamps to give you an idea of what point in the meeting you're looking at.  These timestamps are in the form [xxmyys] i.e., xx minutes yy seconds from the start of the stream recording. 

Clicking the first link, 'Audience and Boardmembers milling around, talking,' takes you to when the stream recording starts.  The milling around lasts about four and a half minutes. Trustees take their seats. The Town Hall begins in earnest. 

Audience and Boardmembers milling around, talking

Faith Wheeler:

Udo Huff: Why are we paying for this development when it is for the development of the North Park, correct?

Manley: Why didn't, after you decided on housing

Faith Wheeler:

Zelenock: So if I can add a comment

Resident: Does anybody know the story behind that, of what they were hoping would happen with the property?

Manley: We have multiple questions on the park


Chockley: That's still under negotiation

Dockett: As far as I know the five acre park, the ingress and egress, there's three of them, is coming out of that

Sue Shink: Hi, I'm Sue Shink. I'm your Washtenaw County Commissioner. I'm also a Northfield Township resident.

Otto: [a weird moment of embracing the synthesis plan while having utterly trashed it with her acquiescence to the whims of Livonia Builders]

Dignan's voice. I've got a quick question

Resident: Real quick - Maybe it's time to have another public input, actually focus on this

Dignan: First I'd like to thank County Commissioner Shink

Chockley: When they came to us...

OK, um...


Mary Devlin:


Faith Wheeler:

Resident: mic turned off: Resident: I've lived here since 1983

Manley: Nothing is concrete on this plan

Manley: Boardmembers, do you wanna continue this or do you wanna move on?

James Dumore: Hi; My name is James Dumore and I'm sorry to report I'm one of those trolls who live a township or so away

Marissa Prizgint: [43m21s]

Zelenock: Someone mentioned an RFP


Otto: [offers 30 acres of swamp again]

Dockett: I'd like to tell you

Chuck Steuer:

Resident: I'm all for engagement, but more than once it's been mentioned that

Resident: One of the points

Manley: Next question. Can the Township provide an update on the marijuana application review process?

Manley: The question was, has the board looked into any preparedness issues...

Otto: on Broadband Task Force