Livingston Daily: Protest signs did not work for I-96 neighbor, Jennifer Everbach, 6/5/2015

Traffic noise is a problem for Brighton Township resident Dan Driver.  He lives on top of a hill south of I-96, overlooking the eastbound on-ramp from Spencer Road.  Driver's request for a noise barrier turned into protest signs but his complaints have not helped. 

Mark Sweeney, manager of MDOT's Brighton Transportation Service Center, said there are no plans to erect a noise barrier wall between the Driver property and the freeway.


"There aren't enough people affected to justify the cost," Sweeney said. "About three homes per $100,000 have to benefit.  It's only the homes right on the top of the hill, right against the freeway that experience high decibel levels. … You go one or two homes (away) and the noise isn't as bad," said Sweeney. "His house actually acts as a natural barrier."