MDOT photo of US-23 8 Mile Road Bridge over northbound lanes Demolition

An Unexpected Expense

At the March 15, 2016 Northfield Township Board meeting we learned the following:

According to Brighton Region MDOT chief Mark Sweeney, repairing the 8 Mile Road bridge is off the table.

According to Northfield Township Fire Chief Bill Wagner, the steel beams alone are a six month or more lead time item.  The reason only one side of the bridge was demolished?  Emergency funds paid for the demolition and only the damaged side constituted an emergency. 

Manager Howard Fink's discussions with Mark Sweeney leads him to the conclusion that, because every element of the US-23 corridor improvement project is interdependent, at best we can hope for a slight pull ahead in the timing of the 8 Mile Bridge replacement's construction. 

Wagner said he asked the Road Commission to consider adding gravel to Barker Road up to the Webster Township line.  He hopes for a cooperative effort from Webster Township since this road will see a heavy increase in usage until the 8 Mile Road bridge is replaced.  Fink said he has asked MDOT to consider covering those costs for the Road Commissions.

At this Board meeting, Wagner discussed the gate closed at the North end of Northfield Estates Manufactured Home community.  The Park gated the entrance because after the bridge closure, it was being heavily used as a shortcut between Barker Road and 8 Mile.  All local Fire Departments, including Hamburg Township, will have keys so they can use the shortcut or handle fires in the Park.


MDOT's time lapse video of the 3-10-2016 US-23, 8 Mile Road bridge demolition

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