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David Gordon has been the principle reporter on this site since we began.

Want some insight into his thinking on Local issues? 

Read his reports.  Watch him Speak at Calls to the Public.


8/5/2020:   Beliger Defeated in Bid for Northfield Supervisor

6/18/2020:   Pot Public Hearings Postponed to July 15

5/26/2020:   Opinion: The Fart of the Deal

5/26/2020:   State Revenue Sharing Slashed 50% - Board Struggles to Adapt

1/12/2020:   Waterfront Park “Give-Away” to Developer

11/19/2019:   Pot Biz Legitimized at Four Hour Township Board Meeting

10/28/2019:   Fighting Rages on All Fronts: Master Plan, Parks, Sewers, Marijuana and Road Commission Shakeup

10/6/2019:   Reefer Madness Seizes Board at Sept. 24 Meeting

5/27/2019:   Full Speed Ahead on Spending & Debt at the 5/14/2019 Board Meeting

3/26/19:   BOT: Residents Question Need for $8M Sewer Expansion

3/21/2019:   $100/year Sewer Bill Hike Hints of Rate Hikes to Come: "Cliff Notes" Edition

3/17/2019:   The Board’s 4-Hour Bull Session – No Laughing Matter.

3/10/2019:   Planning Commission to Board of Trustees: “Why Are You Selling the Historic Barker Road Fire Station?”

2/15/2019:   BoT approves $2,000 for imperiled preservation deal.

1/22/2019:   Marijuana Ordinance Debated at January 16 Planning Commission Meeting

10/29/2018:   The October 17th Master Plan Open House, Residents to Planning Committee: “Preserve Farmland & Spruce Up Downtown”

4/5/2018:   What Are the Odds? .... of Dying in a Car/Tree Crash on North Territorial Road?

1/29/2018:   Shortest Meeting Since Chockley Elected Supervisor

1/23/2018:   Jomar Road Extension Tabled at January 17 Planning Commission meeting

1/13/2018:   2nd Floor of Township Hall Rented After Being Vacant for 15+ Years

9/8/2017:   Show Me A Sign & I’ll Show You an Ordinance: 9-6-2017 Planning Commission

8/29/2017:   New Manager, Same Agenda: Growth & Spending & More Debt

7/2/2017:   Trustees Maul Supervisor’s Balanced Budget: They Vow to Remove Funding for Employees Raises, Parks & Recreation, Land Preservation and People’s Express Service

6/11/2017:   Zoning Changes Recommended at 6/7/17 NFT Planning Commission meeting

5/13/2017:   Heavy Spring Rains No Problem for WWTP

4/29/2017:   No Real Money for Local Road Repairs - Northfield Near Bottom in Road Spending

4/19/2017:   Northfield Township Master Plan is “Just Fine”

4/5/2017:   Northfield Township Planning Commission Rejects Cobalt Survey Offer

4/1/2017:   Northfield Township: An Unbiased View from our Former Planner

3/28/2017:   Ambitious “North Village” Waterfront Park Plan Unveiled

2/28/2017:   Board Splits on Hiring Manager, Residents Ignored by Trustees at 2-28-2017 Northfield Township meeting

12/21/2016:   Northfield Township Board Creates 1st Farmland Preservation Committee

11/17/2016:   All New Administration Takes the Helm of Northfield Township

8/8/2016:   Biltmore Denied

7/14/2016:   Rural Northfield Township Pays Lion's Share of Taxes - 60%

2/23/2016:   Stuck on Suburbia - the Update, Op-Ed by David Gordon

1/12/2016:   Holiday Gift Arrives Early in Northfield Township

1/27/2015:   Who We Are

11/12/2014:   A Smelly Sewer Story at the November 11, 2014 Joint Session

11/12/2014:   The Rest of the Smelly Sewer Story at the November 11, 2014 Joint Session

8/4/2014:   20 Reasons to Oppose the Biltmore "Vision"

8/4/2014:   Your 2012 Township Master Plan