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So how did we come up with 1475 houses?  Do the math.  Biltmore optioned 460 acres.  As a PUD, 20% must be open space, leaving a total of 368 acres for housing.  368 acres x 4 units/acre = 1472.

In 2014, your Northfield Neighbors submitted a FOIA request to Northfield Township to discover the extent of back-channel communication regarding the subject of Biltmore.

One of the letters the FOIA revealed is below.  In the letter Biltmore executive, David J. Stollman, writes to Township Manager Howard Fink about Biltmore's intention to develop the property as a PUD, medium density residential, allowing up to 4 dwelling units per acre.   That is - if the Township rips up its 2012 Master Plan.

If you need even more evidence, in the following video clip Township Manager Howard Fink acknowledges the 1500 home plan in this 39 second Youtube clip from the March 4, Planning Commission meeting.  He is responding to a question from planning commissioner Sam Iaquinto.


The Biltmore Optioned parcels are shown in red on this Township Zoning map.



Emails uncovered by our FOIA request: 

More FOIA-ed emails are here.

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