The 2019 Master Plan was adopted at the 10/22/2019 Northfield Township Board Meeting.  From David Gordon's meeting report: 

- A new Master Plan was approved by a slim 4/3 vote. Historically, the plan receives a unanimous vote but this Board, led by Supervisor Marlene Chockley, is divided on nearly every issue.


Treasurer Lenore Zelenock and Trustees Wayne Dockett and Tawn Beliger had problems both with the substance and the process of the Plan rewrite which costs $35,000 and took nearly two years.


Supervisor Marlene Chockley pushed for the adoption because she said the new plan “opens up lots of land on Whitmore Lake Road for development”, one of her main priorities.

For reference, I've included a link to the 2012/2013 version of the Master Plan.  

The 2012/2013 Master Plan was tweaked in the interim.  As discussed in an earlier meeting, the tweaks were sufficient to count as a Master Plan update, which is why more than five years separates the following two Master Plans.   When I locate the changes I'll link to that document.